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1966-1977 Ford Bronco Rear Family Cage Kit #BR3 - Not Ready To Weld

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Part Number:BR3

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 This is a kit and is not ready to weld.  The tubing comes straight cut Not coped. This kit requires trimmed and fit, unless ordering a tack and fit (not available on all cages).
This is a 6 point, rear family cage kit for early Ford Broncos, 1966-1977. This kit includes only the REAR half of a family cage. The tubes are made from 2 inch .120 wall mild steel tubing and fit hard or soft tops. This kit can be made as shown in the first few pictures or with a diagonal bar as shown in the last picture.

NOTE: Shipping is not free. These parts ship by truck freight which has rates from varying from $250 to $350 to a commercial or business location depending on what state you are in. We can also ship to a residential location but freight company will charge an additional $20 to $75. You can call or email us before you make an order to get a shipping quote. We will call or email you within 1 business day after you make an order to confirm the shipping cost with you. Your order will not ship until the shipping cost has been confirmed. Farms, Military Bases, Home Based Businesses, Schools, Construction sites are not Considered businesses! We can ship to the nearest Freight Terminal and you can pick it up there as well.

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Tack and Fit: We now offer our kits fully fitted and tack welded in our shop jig. Floor plates are welded on and everything aligned and tacked in place marked and then tack welds broken and shrink wrapped and shipped to you. Saves a lot of money in shipping compared to fully welded and the setup time is very fast and simple for a do it yourself install . Simply unwrap, stand main hoops upright, and put the spreader in place according to the numbering system. Square the parts up and away you go. Your new cage will be finished in no time! This option is an additional $145.00.

Fully Welded: Adding this option to a cage kit means that we will weld the tubes together and the floor plates on before shipping it to you. This option is currently only available for Ford Bronco cage kits. $50.00 of this $350.00 additional cost is a skidding fee for the construction and materials to put your assembled cage on a wooden pallet